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About Our Company

Our company is made up of a team of individuals who can offer assistance for a wide range of painting tasks. We specialize in interior and exterior painting and we have tools to ensure you receive quality finishes in every space across your property.

We use the best quality finishes on the market to offer a superior level of color enhancement for your home. We can deliver fresh paint in a variety of textures and colors or even provide color matching for refinishing. 

As a fully licensed and insured painting contractor, we are ready to work when we arrive on site. We have the tools to work efficiently and handle clean up with ease. 

Many of our staff members have decades of experience painting throughout Morris County New Jersey. We can handle the task of stripping away old paint, drywall repairs, refinishing and more. Whether your home needs a fresh coat of paint or its first coat of paint, we can provide you with a quality look every time.


Our Services

Residential House Painting

We can offer assistance in a wide range of finishes. Our staff can remove old paint and wallpaper and apply new finishes using only guaranteed paint manufacturers. We use proven products and top-quality tools to deliver improvements for your interior and exterior surfaces.

Interior and Exterior

We can provide professional power washing solutions for removing paint or finishes on the exterior of your home. If you need assistance with professional power washing support, we can help clear surfaces for you.


We can provide a wealth of stained and clear coats to suit almost any type of decking. Whether you are in need of a non-slip coating or a traditional clearcoat, we can make the process of protecting your deck a simple phone call away.

Deck Refinishing

We can remove a wide range of wallpapers from your home. The process of wallpaper removal can be expedited with the help of our top quality tools. We can ensure that your wallpaper can be stripped and we can add a new coat of paint if needed.

Wallpaper Removal

We can patch and repair drywall throughout your home. If your home has become a victim to water damage or experienced holes in your drywall, we can make the process of drywall repair simple and effective. Our staff can ensure that your drywall is properly patched before we complete any type of painting or finishing.

Drywall Repair

We will keep all components of your existing cabinetry and change the color or the finish which is often completed via hand sanding or chemically stripping the existing finish from the wood, then applying new paint or stain.

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing


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Why Choose Us!

Our staff can offer true excellence as a painting contractor in New Jersey. Here are some of the main reasons to choose us:

Cost Savings

We can offer quality cost savings to each customer. We have a wide range of coatings to suit any budget.


We have years of experience in this industry and can offer efficient results.

Great Customer Service

We remain transparent in every aspect of our quoting. We also handle the full cleanup of the area after the job is done.

Recent Projects!

Be sure to check out some of the recent residential painting projects we've been involved with!


Jessica R.

“Skylands Painting painted our whole kitchen and refinished our kitchen cabinets. They did a great job in the process. It has changed the look of our home.”

Jason P.

“They were able to refinish our deck in just an afternoon. We have a beautiful space for entertaining now.”

Edward H.

“They patched up the drywall in the basement before our renovation and it looks like a completely different space. I am loving the results they gave us!”


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